Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bayno: Exclusive Interview

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Kansas City resident Bayno represents the 50s, home of many rappers, but also of many notorious street gangs and drug dealers. With his debut EP, Living On A Dream and his forthcoming mixtape, Y'all Know Me: Vol. 4 he hopes to take another step beyond the block.

What part of the 50s do you represent and what was it like growing up in the 50s?

I grew up on 55th and Agnes. My grandparents live on 49th and Bellefountaine. As we all know, in between those two locations, is the stomping grounds for one of Kansas City's most notorious street gangs: the 51st Street Crips. Was I affiliated? No. My uncles grew up with the OGs from the area, so I always had a pass amongst the older generation of FOGs (Five-One Gangsters). I went to school with a majority of the offspring, plus my grandparents lived two houses down from their grandparents. Its true I have an infatuation with the color blue, not because I'm a Crip, but because that's what I grew up around. I saw a lot and did a lot (no details), but most of all I learned a lot. Growing up gangster leads to one of two places; sometimes both: dead or in jail. I didn't want that lifestyle, so I kept my distance. I don't knock anybody involved in the street life; hell, its the lifestyle I wanted for a long time, but I saw bigger and better things.

How did the collaboration with XV happen?

The collaboration with XV was a joined effort involving my manager (@mrkey2thecity on Twitter) and me. My manager discovered XV through a mixtape given to him at Imperial Skate Shop in Overland Park, KS. My manager quickly developed a strong like for XVs music and insisted that I work on getting XV to collaborate with me on a track. Neither of us had contact information for XV, other than what was given on his MySpace ( and his blogsite (, so I sent XV a MySpace message inquiring about doing music. For about a month or two I got no response. After a few updates to my music profile, I received a comment from Vizzy. That put my foot in the door. After that I messaged him everyday about collaborating on a track. Finally he told me he had a mixtape project (40 Days/40 Nights) coming up and he'd love for me to bless it. I was ecstatic. He sent the track, I recorded my vocals and sent it back. That's how the track known as 'Midwest Girls' came to be.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have two upcoming projects. One is my debut EP Living On A Dream (scheduled to release in December), and fourth mixtape (Y'all Know Me: Vol. 4, but the name is destined to change). I'm working on a commercial to promote the album, and I'd like to shoot a video for a single, or two.