Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleep Close Death - Exclusive Interview & MP3

Michael Vick MP3

Where do you come from?

I'm from Buffalo. Buffalove. Its kind of the inspiration for the next album cause that relates to people living in the same spot their whole lives; you know the whole born and raised mentality. I'm guilty myself so it's gonna examine why you become a homebody. Plus there will be cat references but no more Michael Vick jokes cause I think I got those out of the way.

What inspired the title Shopping Mall Zombie Music?

My producer For Beat's Sake had this beat by the same name because the vibe reminded him of Night of the Living Dead/Dawn of The Dead. I originally was coming at it from like a serious zombie theme but that didn't feel right so I got more satirical with it. I mean if you really think about the title it's a double meaning in itself and wraps up the overall theme of the album pretty well.

What previous albums have you put out?

I released a free EP called The Sleep Close Death Ray still available on my Myspace for a limited time. Shopping Mall Zombie Music is my first full length legit album. My next album is already in development and is tentatively titled Homebodies. I'm also planning another free EP called The Sleep Close Death Trap.

How did the collaboration with Mac Lethal come about?

That song was one of the first things recorded for this album and went through many different phases before I decided on just using the original beat. I got a hold of Mac online before he released his debut 11:11 on Rhymesayers. We met in person I think a year or so later. The year after that we were slated to do a show together but the promoter f****d us both over by telling Mac there was no show but still putting the show on and taking the ticket money from me and the other acts. I'm not gonna name names but you know who you are.

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