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Young Vicious - Exclusive Interview & MP3

What is your nationality?

YV: My nationality is half Nicaraguan from my mother's side and half Palestinian from my father's side.

CHH: What do you think of the Bay hip hop scene?

YV: I feel that the Bay Hip Hop scene is more influential than other hip hop cultures around the country. From our slang to our mannerism to our over all Game.

CHH: What did you listen to growing up?

YV: Growing up I listened to a lot of West Coast artists such as E-40, Spice 1, C-Bo, and 2Pac. I also listened to groups such as NWA and Bone Thugs N Harmony.

CHH: What kind of hip hop do you make?

YV: The type of music I make is a mixture of Bay Area style and beats, my life experiences, and creating a unique style all my own.

CHH: What are your albums of 2009?

YV: My album of the year is Guce & J Stalin's Giants & Elephants. I feel like this brought back the Bay Area gangsta element of muzik and represented two of the biggest cities in the Bay. San Francisco and Oakland. Another great album would be The Jacka's Tear Gas. Not only was it one of the most anticipated albums of the year but it was solid and well put together. It had that Bay sound but it also had a style and sound that appealed to audiences across the globe.

CHH: What got you into music?

YV: Growing up and watching all the b-boys break dance, Michael Jackson performing on TV, and all the music I was growing up listening to.

CHH: What do you think of the current beef in the Bay?

YV: I stay out of it. A lot of fans think it's about music but it's deeper than that. Plus these guys are family. You don't want to get in the middle of it because if they come back together you gonna be the one looking bad. I stay neutral. I got respect for both sides and have had contact wit both sides. At one time I personally hope they can settle their differences, come together, and make music together again.

Do you listen to any music besides rap?

YV: Yes I do listen to other music besides rap. I listen to R&B, ol school rap and R&B, and I am open to some types of rock and other type of music. I think as an artist you have to be open minded and respect other types of art and music. Plus I think listening to different music helps my creativity.

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