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Jabee - Exclusive Interview & MP3s

Blood MP3

Club Hope MP3

CHH: What was it like growing up in Oklahoma?

Jabee: Growing up in Oklahoma was cool. We moved around the city a lot, so I know a lot of people here. I love Oklahoma! We have our good and our bad but it's home sweet home to me. It's been rough at times but we manage to make it through.

CHH: How did you get in contact with XV and Mac Lethal?

Jabee: Well, I've been seeing XV online for awhile. He is from Wichita which isn't far so I just tried to stay up with him since he was so close. He and I ended up having a show together in Wichita and we talked and exchanged info. I brought him to OKC last year for a show I put on called Lush Life. I had him and UNI. We been cool since then. He allowed me to be a part of one of his mixtapes and also let me put the song on mine. Mac Lethal, I been a fan of for years. He has come through OKC numerous times. We always talked and he told me to let him know when I needed him and he would come through.

CHH: What projects do you have out now?

Jabee: I have out Must Be Nice with Mick Boogie, Black Cotton, The Valentines Day EP, and Blood Is the New Black which is my album. Its available on Itunes. The others are free Downloads.

What did you listen to growing up?

I listened to a lot of old school and gospel like Jackson 5, Ohio Players, Manhattens, Gospel Keynotes, Rev James Cleavland. Hip hop I was bumpin everything from Bone Thugs to 2Pac to Company Flow and Kool Keith.

CHH: What got you into music?

I don't know what got me into music. I have always loved it. As kids we would put on little concerts in our living room for my parents.

How did the mixtape with Mick Boogie come about?

Jabee: I just hit up Mick and asked him he said yeah. And he knew I was cool wit UNI, so he was down to do it.

CHH: What are you working on now?

Jabee: Right now I'm workin a bunch. I'm in Dallas right now recording with Rob Viktum and Carlitta Durand for a project. I'm also finishing up Black Cotton 2 and after that I'm gonna finish 2 other projects; one with Greg Enemy from Kansas city called Negro Smiling and another produced by my homie Ronnie Harris for World Around Records.

What is the Oklahoma Hip Hop Scene like?

The scene is cool, a lot of different types. Some new cats poppin up, everybody is doing good. It's growing.

I've heard you've worked with Stik Figa. How did that happen?

Yes, Stik and I did a song when I was in Kansas for a show. I'd been hearing about him for a while too. He is one of my favorite rappers. We will do more together.

CHH: Who are some notable rappers from Oklahoma?

Jabee: Notable? Hmm, that depends on what you consider notable. Every rapper here considers themselves notable. I'm sure they all believe they are killin the game as they should. I can drop some names of some OK rappers that I know of or that I like. Let's see, there is 8Bit Cynics, Chop Chop, Chris McCain, aDDLib, Ronnie Harris, Young Star, Honeysiccle. (I have a song on my album inspired by her) N-Dex, and Houston Boy. But there are tons of great rappers here. Hard to answer that question without leaving someone out.

CHH: What are you currently listening to?

Right now I'm listening to
Jay Electronica, Alice Smith, Jucifer, 8Bit Cynics, random stuff from Fashawn, Chi-Lites, a lot of Michael, New Buffalo, Brother Ali, Buff1 , UNI, Blu, Royce da 5'9", (Gun Harmonizing is on constant repeat!) some Gospel Keynotes, Mighty Clouds, Doom all day too, and Edan is on repeat too!

I hear you do a lot of community service. What exactly do you do?

Jabee: I'd like to work with
RJD2, Ant, Madlib, Exile. I'd like to work with any dope rapper though, you name it. Oh yeah Gucci Mane too.

How did you come up with the name Jabee?

It's been my name since birth. My initials are JBW and growing up I've always been called JB so I wanted to keep that identity but add some flare of my own and it still be a real name.

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RIP Sliccs Gotcha!

You will be missed! Sliccs Gotcha will always be the Prince of Whales!

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