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DJ Nino - Bay Area Bangers Volume 1


Rich the Factor- Peach Cobler to Mobbsters 2 Out Now

YV DA BG - Ball Hard (Video)

Signif - Exclusive Interview & MP3s

Lovely Imperfections MP3

New Ish MP3

Drifting MP3

CHH: What do you think of the female rap scene now? Do you think gender is still a factor in Hip Hop?

SN: The female rap scene on a mainstream level is one-sided. Which is whatever, but the failure to display the female emcee for more than her sexuality is some BS. The underground female rap scene is growing but still not strong. It’s really time for a power shift. Gender definitely plays a huge role in Hip Hop as far as how we’re displayed but some of us are out here telling our story which deserves to be heard because it’s just as good.

CHH: How did you start rapping? How long have you been rhyming?

SN: I started out writing poetry when I was young which eventually evolved into songs. My cousin Denise was a female rapper who inspired me. I use to mimic her, from rapping her lyrics, to listening to what she was listening to. I’ve been rhyming for what seems like forever, but I started recording my music in 05’.

CHH: What were some of your early musical influences?

SN: My early music influences were more R&B and Jazz tunes than any other genres of music. As a child you listen to what your parents, or older siblings are listening to. So I was listening to what my mom and pops were listening to. It wasn’t until high school when I really started exploring and dissecting Hip Hop music.

CHH: Who makes your beats? You're production style is very unique.

SN: Thank you. I work with different producers to generate the sounds I like or am looking for. With having a variety I don’t feel like I’m only obligated to one style or sound. Shouts to Tay Lee (TN), JBM (NC), Gee Wiz (MD), Haz Solo (WI), and Lucchi (UK) all put in work on The Transition.

CHH: Who are you listening to at the moment?

SN: YU, Erykah Badu, Little Brother, U-N-I, and Murs and 9th new joint.

CHH: What is the Milwaukee hip hop scene like? Who are some notable rappers from your city?

SN: The scene is growing and only getting better. Like any other major city Hip Hop lives in Milwaukee. Artists like Speech (Arrested Development), Coo Coo Cal, Black Elephant, Baby Drew, and Stricklin (EMC) have garnered national attention. Now there are a slew of up and coming rappers from Milwaukee who are on the rise.

CHH: Why did you move to New York from Milwaukee? What do you think of New York's vast Hip Hop scene? Is it difficult to succeed in such a big city?

SN: It was time for me to move around and test the waters, Sow my royal oats. I love it here. I guess that’s why I’m still here after a few let downs. The scene is what makes it so worthwhile; there's always something going on, chances for you to network and build. If I didn’t do music I wouldn’t be here unless I was a power broker or something. I think it’s difficult to succeed in this business no matter where you’re from. It’s about timing and putting yourself out there.

CHH: Why did you choose to give away your first LP, The Transition for free?

SN: Since it was my 1st album and I’m still trying to reach people it only made sense to give it away. It’s really not a big deal because better product is coming which will also be free. What I learned is my favorite tracks are not always someone else’s favorite tracks so if I give you a variety of what I can do, and let you pick and choose. I learn my audience, and what to promote to whom at the same time.

CHH: What is the inspiration for The Transition?

SN: The Transition is my life for the last 2-3 years bunched into 4 months of salvation. I’m selfish as far as talking about me on every single song but I’m giving you my reality and my life because that’s what I know. This was my coming out party, showing people I can do it with or without you.

CHH: What talented rappers and musicians have you worked with? Who do you hope to work with in the future?

SN: Most artist I work with I feel can make me better. Evey artist I collab with I respect them as an artist and I am a fan of their work. So I know I have to step it up when I’m running with them. The future is the same way. I’m growing and progressing as an artist so I want to work with people who are doing the same and can make me better.

CHH: What do you think of the Midwest? Is it difficult to succeed in Midwestern cities such as Milwaukee?

SN: I love the Midwest that’s what I represent, it’s my region. It’s somewhat difficult to do it within my city because no one is checking for the city as a whole musically. The Midwest is making noise but we need our turn as a whole in opinion.

CHH: What are you working on now? What projects do you have out?

SN: I’m working on an EP called Significant Wizdom produced by Gee Wiz. Also a couple projects are in the brainstorming stage and hopefully will see the light towards the end of the year. My 1st video Unleashed is out now. And my album The Transition is free on Bandcamp.

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