Friday, July 16, 2010

Rush Borda - It's Bananas To A G'Rilla Album Review

After Sliccs Gotcha's passing in February It seems like Major Factor Records has been working harder than ever. Rich the Factor alone has had over half a dozen releases in 2010. And Rushin Roolet is no exception. This is his second solo of the year and the album evokes his best work. On songs such as "Dirty Money" and "King Kong & Godzilla Time" you can clearly hear old school influence from his first EP; 1997's, A New Vet. Boy Big makes memorable appearances on "Dirty Money" and "Love Dont Live Here", a tribute to Sliccs and other fallen soldiers. It's Bananas To A G'Rilla and Fatboy Chubb's F*ck The World, I'm Larger Than Life will perfectly serve as summer soundtracks to grittas across the world.

Me at the Midwest DJ Meet & Greet With Berner

With appearances from C-Heff, Money Right Ent, Fatboy Chubb, & J-Diggs.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fatboy Chubb, C-Heff, & Lil Joe - Money Gettin Ni**az (Video)

Mostel & Mistah FAB - Ridin By


Boy Big - The Birth of Dank Sinatra Album Review

Dank Sinatra begins with, "Keisha", an ode to marijuana with a verse from Rich the Factor. As seen on the album artwork this is a large part of Boy Big's subject matter although the album has many gems. "Believe In Me" with KCK's Calico perfectly highlights music in car stereos in Kansas City. The R&B singer also has many songs of pain, despair, and loneliness. In "Mother", Boy Big sings about his troubled upbringing and his mother's inspiration in his life. It is one of the album's best tracks. The album ends well with "Time For A Change", a cheesy but good Stevie Wonder-like song.

San Quinn - Over Throw

Free, 2010 & Quinn Coming Soon.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Krizz Kaliko - Shock Treatment Coming 9-14-10

Nesto The Owner - Career Killer 2 Album Review

When I first heard Nesto The Owner I didn't believe the hype. Whenever I hear a local rapper I have never heard of do a song with Tech N9ne I am skeptical. I looked into Nesto's music but never really caught on until I heard the first Career Killer which dropped this year on New Year's day. The album was promoted by a temporary beef with Jae Casino. Now with Career Killer 2, the Owner continues his assault on radio play in his town. On "Say My Name" he blames Messy Marv and Rich the Factor copycats for his lack of popularity. Although neither Rich or any Bay-area rappers get radio play in Kansas City. The album is full of aggression and proves to be Nesto's best work. I may still not completely think Nesto The Owner lives up to his ego, but Career Killer 2 is one of the premier Kansas City rap albums of 2010.

Berner - Well Connected (Video)

Off of Blow, Blocks & Boat Docks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Steddy P & DJ Mahf - While You Were Sleeping Album Review

Steddy P delighted me with last year's Style Like Mind. I love the album but for awhile now I've been dying to hear some new material from Steddy. This project satisfies that craving. It has two sections; Side A, an EP of brand new material, and Side B, a compilation of remixes. Both parts are equally satisfying. DJ Mahf selects many classic Hip Hop beats in the mixtape segment and they are a perfect match for Steddy's rhymes. In "WindOverHead" P raps "I'd be goddam*ed if I had Mac and Tech have all the fun." If Steddy P plays his cards right he may soon surpass them. While You Were Sleeping will be availible July 13 on the Indyground website.

Messy Marv & Berner - Blow, Blocks & Boat Docks Tracklist

1. Well Connected - Berner, Produced By Cozmo
2. Dollas - Messy Marv, Shoboat, Berner, Produced by Cozmo
3. Blow - Messy Marv, Berner, Joe Blow, Produced by Maxwell Smart
4. Picture Me - Brisco, Messy Marv, Berner, & Cozmo, Produced by Cozmo & D Wells
5. Blow Money - Messy Marv, Berner, Killa Keise, Freeze, Produced by Maxwell Smart
6. Warrior - Messy Marv, Berner, San Quinn, Ampichino, Produced by Maxwell Smart
7. Heard About Me - Messy Marv, Berner, B-Legit, The Jacka, & Rocka Boy, Produced by Cozmo
8. I Get It - Messy Marv, Berner, Yumouth, Lee Majors, Produced by Maxwell Smart & Cozmo
9. City Sh*t - Messy Marv, Killa Keise, Baldhead Rick, Berner, Shag Nasty, Buchanan, Produced by Genneesse
10. Whip Cream - Messy Marv, Berner, Freeze, Smiggs, Produced by Cozmo
11. High Speed - Messy Marv, Berner, Ampichino, Produced by Pak Slap
12. Everything Is Wrong - Messy Marv, Berner, Equipto, Produced by Cozmo
13. How I Ride - Messy Marv, Berner, San Quinn, Matt Blaque, Produced by Cozmo
14. Gold Club - Messy Marv, Berner, J-Stalin, Goldtoes, Produced by Sean T
15. V4 - Messy Marv, Berner, Freeze, Maserati Rick, Produced by Maxwell Smart
16. Vision - Messy Marv, Berner, J-Stalin, Produced by Cozmo

PSD, Keak Da Sneak, & Messy Marv - Bruh Bruh


Toki Wright - More Fiyah (Video)

A Different Mirror out now.

July 12th: Midwest DJ Meet & Greet With The Jacka, Berner, & Lee Majors

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Homewrecka - Ice Cream


Snype & Young Vicious - No Sacrafice, No Victory Coming Soon

The Hoodstarz - Saggy Jean Era/I'm Speedin (Video)

Dutch Newman, Les Izmore, & Godimus of CES Cru - Jedi Knight


Tech N9ne & Jay Rock - Paper

Free The Gates Mixed Plate Coming 7/27/10.

LA France - Ooh La La Album Review

I first heard of LA France when I found his CD, Track Season in a pile of fliers at 7th Heaven for the Taste of Troost festival just a year ago. The mixtape was fantastic and I featured it on my top KC Rap albums that year. With this mixtape, Ooh La La I realize that KC may finally have a mainstream artist. LA shows his clear star potential on tracks such as LA France Vs. The World, Party & BS, & Eff With Us featuring Dutch Newman. France may soon give Kid Cudi a run for his money.

The Jacka Interviewed by 24KMilkCrate TV

D-Boy Era out now!