Thursday, July 8, 2010

Steddy P & DJ Mahf - While You Were Sleeping Album Review

Steddy P delighted me with last year's Style Like Mind. I love the album but for awhile now I've been dying to hear some new material from Steddy. This project satisfies that craving. It has two sections; Side A, an EP of brand new material, and Side B, a compilation of remixes. Both parts are equally satisfying. DJ Mahf selects many classic Hip Hop beats in the mixtape segment and they are a perfect match for Steddy's rhymes. In "WindOverHead" P raps "I'd be goddam*ed if I had Mac and Tech have all the fun." If Steddy P plays his cards right he may soon surpass them. While You Were Sleeping will be availible July 13 on the Indyground website.

Messy Marv & Berner - Blow, Blocks & Boat Docks Tracklist

1. Well Connected - Berner, Produced By Cozmo
2. Dollas - Messy Marv, Shoboat, Berner, Produced by Cozmo
3. Blow - Messy Marv, Berner, Joe Blow, Produced by Maxwell Smart
4. Picture Me - Brisco, Messy Marv, Berner, & Cozmo, Produced by Cozmo & D Wells
5. Blow Money - Messy Marv, Berner, Killa Keise, Freeze, Produced by Maxwell Smart
6. Warrior - Messy Marv, Berner, San Quinn, Ampichino, Produced by Maxwell Smart
7. Heard About Me - Messy Marv, Berner, B-Legit, The Jacka, & Rocka Boy, Produced by Cozmo
8. I Get It - Messy Marv, Berner, Yumouth, Lee Majors, Produced by Maxwell Smart & Cozmo
9. City Sh*t - Messy Marv, Killa Keise, Baldhead Rick, Berner, Shag Nasty, Buchanan, Produced by Genneesse
10. Whip Cream - Messy Marv, Berner, Freeze, Smiggs, Produced by Cozmo
11. High Speed - Messy Marv, Berner, Ampichino, Produced by Pak Slap
12. Everything Is Wrong - Messy Marv, Berner, Equipto, Produced by Cozmo
13. How I Ride - Messy Marv, Berner, San Quinn, Matt Blaque, Produced by Cozmo
14. Gold Club - Messy Marv, Berner, J-Stalin, Goldtoes, Produced by Sean T
15. V4 - Messy Marv, Berner, Freeze, Maserati Rick, Produced by Maxwell Smart
16. Vision - Messy Marv, Berner, J-Stalin, Produced by Cozmo

PSD, Keak Da Sneak, & Messy Marv - Bruh Bruh


Toki Wright - More Fiyah (Video)

A Different Mirror out now.

July 12th: Midwest DJ Meet & Greet With The Jacka, Berner, & Lee Majors