Saturday, July 10, 2010

Krizz Kaliko - Shock Treatment Coming 9-14-10

Nesto The Owner - Career Killer 2 Album Review

When I first heard Nesto The Owner I didn't believe the hype. Whenever I hear a local rapper I have never heard of do a song with Tech N9ne I am skeptical. I looked into Nesto's music but never really caught on until I heard the first Career Killer which dropped this year on New Year's day. The album was promoted by a temporary beef with Jae Casino. Now with Career Killer 2, the Owner continues his assault on radio play in his town. On "Say My Name" he blames Messy Marv and Rich the Factor copycats for his lack of popularity. Although neither Rich or any Bay-area rappers get radio play in Kansas City. The album is full of aggression and proves to be Nesto's best work. I may still not completely think Nesto The Owner lives up to his ego, but Career Killer 2 is one of the premier Kansas City rap albums of 2010.

Berner - Well Connected (Video)

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