Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mad Marlon - Exclusive Interview

CHH: What was it like growing up in Wyandotte County? What rappers did you grow up listening to? Were there any KCK rappers to emulate?

MM: Growing up in Wyandotte was like any other small city town; your basic African-American things: gangs, school, and rap music. I spent lots of time in and out of youth centers and boys homes. With no father present, I turned to the local neighborhood gang for support and guidance. Growing up in the Midwest in the 90's, me and my friends was listening to mostly westcoast music with some eastcoast and downsouth sprinkled in there. You had NWA, Too $hort, E40, Ice T, Geto Boys, EPMD, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, The D.O.C. As far as local hip hop, Richard Baker AKA Ric-Hard, my older cousin is who I looked up to. But there were other local rappers like The Heavyweights.

CHH: What caused your group, the Weirdos, demise?

MM: The Weirdoes never came to a demise ever. It was a mature parting of the ways, change of location for us. My best friend and rap partner moved to Dallas, TX and I remained in Kansas City. From there on it was just obvious that our solo careers were next. No demise my dude, no break outs. we just mutated into solo artists.

CHH: Who do you think has the KCK hip hop crown? What up and coming local rappers are you excited about?

MM: KCK, just look at the history, consistence, track record, look at who made it cool to say I'm from Kansas. When I put out my first album there was no one in KCK reppin KCK, screaming KCK, sayin KCK on record. I feel me and my group, The Weirdoes are solely responsible for making it cool to say I'm from KCK, Crimedotte, Rhymedotte, 913. These are all terms we popularized. You can check the history books of KCK music. What local artists I'm excited about is Dem Dotte Boyz.

What projects do you have out now? Where can you get them?

MM: Right now I'm promoting my new experiment or album S.P.A.C.E.S.H.I.P.S and my mixtape trilology: Mixtape Gods Vol. 1, 2, and 3 all available on my website. Spaceships will be on record shelves this New Year along with a DVD.

CHH: Why did you choose the rap name Mad Marlon?

MM: I didn't choose the name Mad Marlon. It chose me. My moms was so mean and angry when I was in her womb, that that angry passed down to me leaving me with my world famous frownface. Growing up teachers always asked me why I looked so mad. It only made sense for m3 to become Mad Marlon.

Ron Ron, Mon EG, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, & Yo Gotti - Bang Yo City (Remix)

Andre Nickatina & The Jacka - My Middle Name Is Crime (Video)

Album in stores December 14.