Friday, August 12, 2011

D/Will & Les Izmore - The Line (Super Soul)

Neko - Exclusive Interview & MP3s

CHH: What part of KC do you come from? What was it like growing up there?

Neko: Hailing from 27th & Cleveland, Eastside. Growing up ova there wasn't too hard, just because everybody on that street treated everybody like family: big homies and little ni**as alike. It's when I moved out the city when life got difficult.
First we moved out south to Grandview for a min but I still went to school in the city. Just had to be used to overwhelming solitude out there cause back then I was so young that I didn't know anybody but who I went to school with. Then, we moved to a little into Kansas; and out there I had to get used to cops harassing me and the locals wanting to get me under the it was coo out there for a year. Then we moved furthur out south to get away from a lot which is where I now reside, and it made me into the righteous bastard I am today!

CHH: Who or what influences your music?

Neko: Besides my family and my basic likes and dislikes,
I would say the raw inspiration of life. Almost anything can happen where I would have to open my notebook and start writing a new verse or get a topic for a song or ideas for future project titles.

CHH: What local rappers do you like? What else are you listening to?

When I hear this question iIgotta think about do I know these individuals, cuz you can put out good music but that don't mean I like you. But off top, few of 3 gotta be Gee Watts, Dom Chronicles, and Stik Figa. And pretty much whatever I stuff on my 160GB iPod but currently I just been bumpin locals foreel, but I throw some Curren$y, K.R.I.T, Kendrick Lamar in there, but then The White Stripes or The Beatles will come on and I'll spend a whole day playing them on repeat.

CHH: What producers have you worked with? What rappers and producers do you want to work with in the future?

Neko: On With Love From KC, I worked with a lot of artists and producers alike. Producers like JayK, Industry Rejects, Nsane Eems, Booda, & Louis G
out ATL. And I would like to work with some bigger names locally in the future. I feel like I can match anybody's level, even the vets.

CHH: What projects do you have out now? What are you working on now?

Neko: Right now I have a mixtape titled: With Love From KC. That's hosted by DJ E-V of Cleveland, and I'm currently working on a EP that I will be releasing in Nov. entitled O(verdue) G(rams) .....OGEP

CHH: How did you come up with the rap name Neko?

Neko: All my life that's what I've been called, so for the sake of not being cliche and taggin young or lil in front of my stage name, you can say I dug into the geek part of my brain, and that's how I came up with iRneKo.

CHH: What separates you from other KC rappers?

Neko: Well, I was the geek in school; defendin myself because my different taste in music, cartoons, and just simple things like that, but I still was in hood affairs n almost living that life, so it's like I look gangster-ish and talk hood, but if you really listen and pay attention, you can hear an intelligent individual ready to push positive energy through this art form

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dutch Newman - Mr. Blue Sky

KO Streetz - Hood Boi (Video)

From the album DJ Michael Watts presents - Klosed Custody - Industry Lockdown, coming soon.

Yung Mic - Swang On Em (Video)

Watch Me Eat out now. Appearances from Joe Blow and Lee Majors.