Friday, July 1, 2011

Top 10 Kansas City Hip Hop Albums of 2011 So Far

1. Skiem Hiem - Iron Vacation
2. Ron Ron - Ron DMC
3. Mac Lethal - North Korean BBQ
4. JKR70 Presents Clay Hughes - The Whether Machine
5. KO Streetz - Armageddon
6. The Popper - For Tha Mo
7. Steddy P - What Happened Tomorrow
8. Rondoe - Mobbin
9. Middle of Map - Kush Groove Compilation
10. Rich the Factor & Boy Big - Boss Music

Honorable Mentions:
Dinero Fazil - Mi Vida Escrita En Papeles
Yung Scar - The Heartland Hustler
Nesto the Owner - Manimal

Bird of Block Life Found Guilty of Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine


Late Thursday night, a jury found Dandrae "Birds" Jones, a KC rap artist, guilty of conspiring to distribute massive quantities of cocaine.

Jones represented local hip hop artists and owns the company Block Life Entertainment.

He allegedly worked with a Mexican drug cartel to distribute hundreds of kilos and millions of dollars worth of cocaine in Kansas City.

After all evidence was presented, the jury deliberated for close to eight hours before returning the guilty verdict and ending a trial that began Monday.

If convicted, Jones faces 10 years to life in federal prison without parole.

Sentencing hearings will be scheduled at a later date.