Friday, August 12, 2011

D/Will & Les Izmore - The Line (Super Soul)

Neko - Exclusive Interview & MP3s

CHH: What part of KC do you come from? What was it like growing up there?

Neko: Hailing from 27th & Cleveland, Eastside. Growing up ova there wasn't too hard, just because everybody on that street treated everybody like family: big homies and little ni**as alike. It's when I moved out the city when life got difficult.
First we moved out south to Grandview for a min but I still went to school in the city. Just had to be used to overwhelming solitude out there cause back then I was so young that I didn't know anybody but who I went to school with. Then, we moved to a little into Kansas; and out there I had to get used to cops harassing me and the locals wanting to get me under the it was coo out there for a year. Then we moved furthur out south to get away from a lot which is where I now reside, and it made me into the righteous bastard I am today!

CHH: Who or what influences your music?

Neko: Besides my family and my basic likes and dislikes,
I would say the raw inspiration of life. Almost anything can happen where I would have to open my notebook and start writing a new verse or get a topic for a song or ideas for future project titles.

CHH: What local rappers do you like? What else are you listening to?

When I hear this question iIgotta think about do I know these individuals, cuz you can put out good music but that don't mean I like you. But off top, few of 3 gotta be Gee Watts, Dom Chronicles, and Stik Figa. And pretty much whatever I stuff on my 160GB iPod but currently I just been bumpin locals foreel, but I throw some Curren$y, K.R.I.T, Kendrick Lamar in there, but then The White Stripes or The Beatles will come on and I'll spend a whole day playing them on repeat.

CHH: What producers have you worked with? What rappers and producers do you want to work with in the future?

Neko: On With Love From KC, I worked with a lot of artists and producers alike. Producers like JayK, Industry Rejects, Nsane Eems, Booda, & Louis G
out ATL. And I would like to work with some bigger names locally in the future. I feel like I can match anybody's level, even the vets.

CHH: What projects do you have out now? What are you working on now?

Neko: Right now I have a mixtape titled: With Love From KC. That's hosted by DJ E-V of Cleveland, and I'm currently working on a EP that I will be releasing in Nov. entitled O(verdue) G(rams) .....OGEP

CHH: How did you come up with the rap name Neko?

Neko: All my life that's what I've been called, so for the sake of not being cliche and taggin young or lil in front of my stage name, you can say I dug into the geek part of my brain, and that's how I came up with iRneKo.

CHH: What separates you from other KC rappers?

Neko: Well, I was the geek in school; defendin myself because my different taste in music, cartoons, and just simple things like that, but I still was in hood affairs n almost living that life, so it's like I look gangster-ish and talk hood, but if you really listen and pay attention, you can hear an intelligent individual ready to push positive energy through this art form